domenica, luglio 27, 2008

I must be a really good girl...

Yesterday I saw a guy with a t-shit that said:

'I do BAD things'

I would have followed him to the end of the world!

mercoledì, luglio 23, 2008

O efeito da porrada na alma

Um dos sábios que me rodeia disse-me um dia que nada faz melhor à alma do que porrada... nos filmes, não na cara. Aqui vão 3 sugestões da melhor qualidade de porrada que existe, para esquecer todos os males da vida:

2nd runner up - Miami Vice (com o genial encore dos Linkin Park ft. Jay-Z)

1st runner up - Hancock

And the winner - Transformers (de novo com os Linkin Park... pergunto-me se o truque não está é neles, que fazem a porrada entrar melhor na alma)

lunedì, luglio 21, 2008

Those days

(This I wrote around the days when I was in love, yet again... and those were the days)

These days

These days I haven't told you enough, I haven't sowed you enough how much I love you.

There says I have been loud about everything, consumed with my tribulations and sistracted by your confusion.

These days I have forgotten to remind myself that every flower, every living thing as love, needs to be nurtured.

These days are like any other day and should not be forgotten.

These days I love you as I did yesterday, yet more than ever did or will.

These days I am thankful you exist.

I am happy we have found one another.

I am delighted how much I am loving these, because love is all around.

These days are like any other day.

And you being in them makes them special in every way.

(I am trying to decide if I love too much or waste away a perfectly good feeling. This has got to affect how much loving someone is worth these days. And I just can't help myself.)

domenica, luglio 13, 2008


mercoledì, luglio 09, 2008

Nunca pensei por este prisma

A maior covardia de um homem é despertar o amor de uma mulher sem ter a intenção de amá-la.

Bob Marley

You know when you are almost there?

either with the sneez or the orgasm...
it is so anoying to just be almost there, but never quite get there.
i almost managed... and i was being quite successful at it
and somehow i just halted
and now all i can do is keep myself from hating you
because today i cannot be your friend, but i don't want to be your fiend either
and i have no reason to hate you
which just means that deep, deep down i still somehow am in love with you
and all because you manage(d) to confuse me...

oh... what is the point!

domenica, luglio 06, 2008

who says tv teaches nothing?

hear it and weap...

everlast - saving grace

what do you know...

it works...
then again it might be the alcohol talking still.
let me get back to you when i sober up...
great nigh, though.

sabato, luglio 05, 2008

the rest is history

i'll just let the tequila wash the past
kill the parasites...
the rest is history
and today i start over again

giovedì, luglio 03, 2008

As long as...

I am scary anyway... And I cannot show how beautiful I really am inside, just enjoy and freeze with the scary outside...

Those of you brave enough to fight your fears and persistent enough to skilfully tame me: welcome!


I have realised, or rather someone realised for me, that I describe myself in negative terms:

not a morning person!
not a tree person!

But if I rather say:

I am good at what I do!
I exhale!

I'd be proud and arrogant...

If instead I'd show how demanding
and meticulous I am
I'm a pompous bitch.

To paraphrase a wise friend:


mercoledì, luglio 02, 2008

Formal informality

Got to love it...

I hate it!

I have no idea if it stands for genuid heartfelt ackwardness... because you don't know how to react to the person you like...

Or just plain simple: buzz off, can't you see I am busy?! I have no time for meaningless chit-chat...

Well, I guess I will just keep on ignoring ambiguous signs until they become clear... I have the right to pretend stupidity!

martedì, luglio 01, 2008


Here I am,
And so that you know
There is just this one thing