lunedì, aprile 16, 2007

Nothing really

I love being nothing really,
So I can be anything I wish trully...

martedì, aprile 10, 2007

Male god

Only a male god can sacrifice his only son (or any son, for that matter) and be considered highly for that deed. and only a male god would ask as proof of faith the sacrifice of a child.

A female god would sacridice herself and spare the child, and as for proof of faith... are we not still here? loving, believing, failing, yet still hoping?

lunedì, aprile 09, 2007

I like it

I like it!
I like you.
But I have no idea what is this supposed to be.
What are we supposed to do?
How much are we supposed to feel?
I just have no idea,
And I don't know how to live without a clue.