martedì, settembre 28, 2010

What do you do

What do you do when you know?
You trust and wait
Because it is not in your hands

What do you do when you fear
You still trust and wait
The outcome is always better for you

venerdì, settembre 17, 2010

Peace making

Feels good!

giovedì, settembre 09, 2010

Ready for love

It is a wonderful realization

I'm ready to accept that there are consequences to my actions
Whether intended or not
I've finally accepted that aiding and abiding is also part of the crime
I'm no longer afraid and do not want to settle for less
I trust that the future always holds something better
Even if it's not what I want or not the way I pictured it to be
This is especially true if what I have is less than what I hoped for or think I deserve

I'm ready
I'm hopeful
I'm faithful
I'm thankful

I've made it!


martedì, settembre 07, 2010


Deitar o lixo fora
Concentrar-me no essencial
Investir e empenhar-me no que me importa e para onde quero ir
Reinventar-me permanecendo eu mesma