martedì, ottobre 14, 2008

You two

I managed to get you off my riority list, my visual list too.
Now I am working on you two.

Many words that mean one

Many words come to mind, but they all just make me feel the same: stupid!
Call it patience
Call it preserverance
Call it stuburness
Call it maturity
Call it whatever you will
All it really is
Is plain and simple stupidity!

But as long as I have nothing better to do
I will remain waiting for Godot.


martedì, ottobre 07, 2008


Today I need it, as much as I did yesterday...
I won't even ask 'til when will I need it
It would defeat the purpose of the exercise
I'll just observe,
And when I get there I will know
And if I don't,
I still hope it will be a joyride!

Patience - Take That

venerdì, ottobre 03, 2008

I would confess

I would confess
But I am tired of confessions
I would tell
But there is no one to tell it to
Or rather there is
But none I have not bothered before
And after so many repeated
Why bother?

giovedì, ottobre 02, 2008

It is not a matter of the heart

My brain says run away
My pride and stuborness just don't care!

mercoledì, ottobre 01, 2008


John Henry Fuseli - Silence

Many times silences scream out loud... In their loudnes we may fail to understand what they try to say, and we understand whatever our fears tell us they mean. One day we may wake up. In general we just stay asleep and respond with our own loud silence.