mercoledì, dicembre 23, 2009


Serenity is bad for the imagination...
The roller-coaster of emotions is much better:
Sad, ecstatic, depressed, miserable, in pain or vain
It doesn't matter...
Magic always happens,
The brain opens up, or shuts down
The light shines, or darkness
There is will or lack thereof
But something always happens!

O estado natural das coisas

Mafalda despenteada (Quino)

Porque tudo o que é bom na vida despenteia (desde fazer amor a beijar com ardor), junto-me às mulheres que decidiram viver a vida despenteadas.

martedì, dicembre 22, 2009

Happy again

Do you notice?

No, no... I wasn't unhappy before. I was at peace... peace can be boring.

It is as it is

It hurts when it hurts,
While it doesn't
It's goooood!