giovedì, aprile 24, 2008

Hold me down

But don't mistake it for subordination.
If I LET you hold me down is because you can match me
And because you know how to do it so well...

I love to fight you!
You make it feel like love making.

sabato, aprile 19, 2008

Com amigos assim...

Friendly fire
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Friendly fire or non-hostile fire, a term originally adopted by the United States military, is fire from allied or friendly forces, as opposed to fire coming from enemy forces or enemy fire. A friendly fire incident (fratricide), is when allied soldiers or their artillery, base camp, vehicles, etc. are attacked and damaged by friendly fire which may be deliberate or accidental (e.g. missing the enemy and hitting "friendlies"). Friendly fire is one kind of collateral damage. The term friendly fire is frequently used as a euphemism in military culture and frequently seen as an oxymoron. The term is also used in many video games for a setting which determines if players in the same team can damage and kill each other.

giovedì, aprile 17, 2008



martedì, aprile 15, 2008

Mechanical wizzard

In the stage that is life
I mimic fiction
ti interpret and live reality
I get by with it
Hell, I exhale at it...
But great minds travel alone
and whenever I pair up with one
I lose a lot of greateness of my own

A whole lot of man

It takes a whole lot of man to get all this woman
You ain't got enough man in you

Right again

How do I know I am right?
I am not the one who's sorry, am I?

Sizzling hot

I know I am intelligent
I know I am unique
I know I am special
You telling it to me
will not make me want you
Specially not after
you call me a pompous bitch.

The average man

First he says 'my love',
than he says 'I want you',
or 'I need you',
or 'can't live without you'.

And when you say:
'Not interested'
He responds:
'Who said I am?'

Well, you did, idiot!
Don't insult my memory
nor my inteligence.
Apparently you don't have
enough ball... or otherwise.

On est jamais trop exigent

Uansett hvor mye fransk du kan, du kan fortår det.

If you are obsessed as I am, you get it.

lunedì, aprile 14, 2008

Cry a little

Timbaland feat. One Republic - Apologize

domenica, aprile 13, 2008

O lenda de Deray (há muito devido)

Rosana - Deray

venerdì, aprile 11, 2008

One man's happiness

My mother told me of one of her worst experiences during war time. Living in the city we were always safe from attacks, which does not mean we were not affected by the war. She told me the hardest for her was to hear the syrens in the wee hours of the morning, when the columns made it through and entered the town... with the survivors, but also with the wounded and the dead. It was a party, people greated with joy those who made it alive. Life had to go on, and the dead could only be remembered silently, because survival was highly regarded.

Where has the price of life gone now? No war, and yet, who weeps for the dead and cheers for the living?

One man's happiness...

giovedì, aprile 10, 2008

Something going on

Bomfunk Mcs ft. Jessika Folker

just because I felt like it

Let's dance

There is nothing else I am willing to do with you, for you... get it? You ain't never gonna catch up with me.

Cold as Ice - Foreigner

mercoledì, aprile 09, 2008


No need to be complex to challenge the status quo

lunedì, aprile 07, 2008


A being that bleeds for a week and does not die can only be evil...

Sad love

It is sad to be in love and have no one to love

Angels - Robbie Williams

The journey

It is and has always been a lone ride...


Ser normal é porre