domenica, marzo 11, 2012

I still don't get it

How is it you can confuse not worth the fight with 'I will take any crap you throw my way'!

It should have been clear by now that I am doing a bigger favor to you than you are doing me. I am getting next to nothing out of this, so it is way easier for me to just throw the towel... So, explain to me again whose loss will it be?!


giovedì, marzo 01, 2012


Such a wonder you are
It is in plain sight
An yet no one can see...


martedì, febbraio 28, 2012

Screwd either way

It is simple, you want to get rid of a guy say you want to have his baby. If you don't and he wants to, then you're really screwed.

martedì, gennaio 17, 2012

Yeah... why is that?

Akash: I have no interest in you. zilch. get that straight.

Kiara: I don't know if I should feel relieved or then begin to wonder why you are not interested in me. Not that I want you to be interested.

lunedì, gennaio 16, 2012

Forgive me

Forgive me, for I am faltering.
I believe, I have faith,
But the road is sometimes too hard for a simple human to bear.

mercoledì, gennaio 11, 2012

Amor não se conjuga no passado...

Amor não se conjuga no passado... | Fernando Pessoa | Amor |

Não sei como nunca me passou esta pela frente... faz-me ver o meu passado de forma tão diferente, ainda que saiba que mesmo sabendo o que descobri hoje, não mudaria o caminho e seguiria em frente até onde estou. Mas olho para trás e sorrio. E só por isso vale sempre a pena :)

domenica, gennaio 01, 2012


Sem vergonha
Sem medo
Sem máscaras
Sem sentido

Sempre genuína

This is me

This is all of me
I can be no more
I can be no less
A cannot be but this

I am not asking you to like it
But I have been told it is difficult not to

So welcome
Feel at home
Leave if you must
You be a fool if you do :)